Space saving furniture
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space to create

           Canopy system to make intimate a convertible sofa for the night

You do not want to take our complete sleeping area compartment solution, but you want an intimate night area?

Then the ClicSpace Baldaquin, designed by the research and development department, is the solution! (Registered and patented)

A composite set frames your convertible sofa, and as soon as your sleeping space is necessary, before unfolding the sofa you pull the canopy assembly forward until it corresponds to the recoil necessary for the opening of your sofa, and you make Slide the hanging partitions embedded in the movable columns.

                                                        Contact us for further information and / or specifications! (Excluding                                                             draperies)

                                                        1 / supply of the sofa + system Baldaquin.

                                                        2 / provision of the Baldaquin system to be adapted to the existing                                                                  sofa.

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