Space saving furniture                               

space saving furniture

 Space Gain Optimizer

                                     Analysis of problems of surfaces of living rooms.
 Furniture design to generate the space saving cannot be done only after an analysis of the problem of the distribution and the use of existing surfaces.
It will be a habitat or a workplace components.
Once you have listed the disturbing elements, it has been created a catalog of ways to better use the available m².
Here ClicSpace is the flagship of this set of solutions.
Discover the CATALOGUE CLICSPACE with all innovative products creating the space saving, ranging from the simple piece of mobile wall to the modules all destinations !

                                         (Models and or patents filed and published)

                                     Innovations furnitures
After the Cabinet bed that turns into a retractable room...!

2 new space saving furniture
Your sofa becomes an intimate night... area!
Your too small room now contains a complete with a bed, a wardrobe, a desk, on a surface-5 m²...!

                                                Optimize your space saving

 Gérez au mieux vos m².

With ClicSpace, an aesthetic, ingenious and also multi-functional solution that gives free rein to your imagination

Space Management Furniture

A night area incorporating all the amenities of a 5 to 9 m² and more !

                                                                 Smart Furniture

With ClicSpace, compact and functional, serving as a TV cabinet, bedroom, storage, and much more thanks to its ergonomics and innovative functionality

                                                                           Scalable modular furniture

Separate without partitioning.

Increasing your surface to live, ClicSpace is the space saving solution, to separate, while designing your surface, with its brightness.

You have thus a separating piece of furniture with many facets.
CLICSPACE The new modular furniture, which allows you to keep the use of your space day at night, replacing the wardrobe bed or                                                                       completing The sofa bed!

                                                  Space-saving wall

space saving wall

Clickspace, in its basic configuration, is a simple piece of wall with its technical system of moving on wheels, integrating or not its partitioning system, with an interchangeable facade, with multiple possible decors, as here with the integration of a " Chimney fireplace.

Space saving ideas

All the innovative space saving furniture you will see in the catalog!

Available at low cost, standard or customized!

All colors and textures.

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